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Get a Jump on the Crypto Market with Immediate Bitwave

Immediate Bitwave is here to provide a comprehensive, robust and integrated platform for cryptocurrency trading, analysis, charting and reporting. By doing so, Immediate Bitwave gives to its community of traders and investors of all levels a premier crypto trading experience that empowers you to outpace the market.
Immediate Bitwave, through its widely distributed and deep-rooted network, brings access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP to thousands globally. It is able to assist you in tracking, managing, and analyzing all your cryptocurrency assets. And, just as the platform was designed to do, Immediate Bitwave makes it easy to do so, allowing you to focus on what’s important.
Having the latest asset prices is absolutely critical for you as a cryptocurrency trader. Immediate Bitwave is able to ensure rapid, accurate and dependable data streams. In this way you are guaranteed to have all the trading data you need to make informed decisions with your assets at any moment. Immediate Bitwave never sleeps.
As well, optimizing your Bitcoin and crypto trading experience with the latest data is a key feature. It allows the intuitive and secure management of your assets, as well as the execution of your trades in a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Accelerate Your Trading Potential With Our Analytics

On Immediate Bitwave you will find our very precise and extremely comprehensive tools to analyze market movements. Immediate Bitwave’s wide range of tools were created for exactly this purpose: to give you a global view of all aspects of the crypto and online asset markets. With them you are able to track as well as pinpoint key trading opportunities and important market trends. In doing so, these help you to more efficiently grow your asset portfolio.
The candlestick chart remains an extremely reliable and popular tool of analysis on our platform. It is foundational to crypto trading as well as other forms of investment. The candles in the charts are able to illustrate clearly and in a visual manner the price movements that take place over a set period of time. Each of the candlesticks on the chart stands for a specified trading period. They specify the opening and the closing price of an asset and thus the change that has occurred during the established period.
In this way the candlestick provides a reliable and immediate image of movements in the market, whether it was positive or negative. At the same time it also provides a visual key to the value of the change that has taken place. In this way, a trader can discern patterns in the development of an asset’s price over time and make predictions about its direction of movement.
Using the candlestick graph makes it possible to precisely pinpoint and to analyze market patterns for a given asset. Having that ability can offer an important advantage for your trading decisions, giving you a leg up in reaching your goals.
As a further means to ensure that your trading decisions are solidly and scientifically based, the bar chart has great predictive and analytical power. There are several different kinds of bar charts, just as with candlesticks, and you will find them all on Immediate Bitwave. Every one of these charts provide you with a comprehensive means to view price changes over time graphically.
Another name for bar charts is an OHLC chart, which stands for Open-High-Low-Close Chart. The chart name derives from the fact that, after setting a specific period such as minutes, hours, or a single trading day, you can see graphically how the price of an asset has changed.
As a tool to help you make well-informed trading decisions based on a fact-based analysis, bar charts are second to none. They are a powerful way to visualize and thus analyze movements of the market in both price and trends.
Also known as price distribution graphs, a histogram will visually represent the movement of an asset’s price over a set period, such as three months. The height of each bar on a histogram shows the volume of trades in each price range, with each bar representing that price range.
On Immediate Bitwave our histograms will effectively assist you in identifying important analytical features such as resistance levels, trends, potential consolidation, and breakout zones.
For any crypto trader who is seeking an edge in the markets, and the ability to trade confidently, this array of analytics is indispensable. And by combining all or a few of these tools, along with our other resources and guides, you are much more likely to make successful and wise trading decisions. These tools are absolutely an indispensable part of a trader’s analytical package.
Everybody has their favorite colors for their analytical tools. Do you prefer yellow or red? Whatever your choice, it is not a problem. You can personalize the chart colors to make analysis easier.
Many traders like to work with multiple monitors so that they can more easily track multiple assets simultaneously. If this is your trading model, with Immediate Bitwave, you will be able to keep an array of charts active at any given moment.
You have full control over your preferred layout so that you can have an integrated and personalized trading experience.

Before you trade Bitcoin or Ethereum. Some facts.

Head and shoulders above all others when it comes to crypto popularity are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Out of the 1,500 cryptocurrencies on the market, these two are in the top three. However, what you might not know – because Bitcoin has been the undisputed king for so long – is that Ethereum may soon surpass Bitcoin! Yahoo Finance believes this is rooted, at least in part, in the flexibility and wider use cases inherent in Ethereum’s smart contracts.
To help decide which cryptocurrency you prefer, it’s important to understand the differences between them. In many ways, ETH and BTC are very much alike. They are both virtual currencies. They are both traded in online platforms such as Immediate Bitwave. And both are stored in secure networks.
However, Bitcoin was created specifically to be a currency, to be used in transactions and to store value. Ethereum on the other hand was really created to enable smart, or automated, contracts.
This can make a big difference when you dive into analyzing the adoption and acceptance of both BTC and ETH and how it relates to their market trends.


Created in 2009 by the mysterious and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin enables people and institutions to send and receive currency globally and anonymously.
Unlike fiat currency, which is issued by central banks, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. At its foundation it is built upon a technology known as blockchain, which allows anonymous peer-to-peer transactions. It is also meant to be trustless, unlike fiat currency that depends on your trust in the issuing institution.
All transactions using BTC are anonymous and have no intermediaries, like banks or credit card companies. Cryptography secures the transaction, maintaining the anonymity of all involved parties. It is through its proof-of-work validation process and updating on the decentralized, virtual ledger that Bitcoin is able to avoid the pitfalls of fiat currencies. Central banks may rise or fall but Bitcoin is unaffected, as long as there are computers and the internet.
With its exchange value determined by its use and distribution, Bitcoin is both a medium of exchange and a store of value, like precious metals such as gold.


While also a decentralized currency, Ethereum is designed for smart contracts and decentralized platforms. This use-case permits ETH to enable identity verification, make supply chain management seamless and more efficient, and provides tools to financial services. It was invented with at least some of these intentions in mind by programmer Vitalik Buterin in 2015.
Understanding the motivations behind these two cryptocurrencies, Ether (the native token of the Ethereum blockchain) and Bitcoin, is important.
For instance, knowing that the Ethereum network powers the emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) sector can allow you to make deeper analyses.
Likewise, you can explore the ways in which smart contracts allow decentralized platforms to run automatically once certain, predetermined conditions are fulfilled.
The accelerated deployment of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, for DeFi or global supply chain management can have future effects on price movements. So, while ETH’s value is also determined by its use and distribution, that use is calculated and assessed differently. It requires an analysis of industrial and commercial uptake for specific tasks and not simply its use to buy things.
Besides these fundamental differences in use-cases and intended purpose, we can find other differences between these two primary cryptocurrencies.
One of the key differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that while Bitcoin has a fixed cap of 21 million coins, Ethereum has no fixed limit at all.
In addition, they use different methods of verification to update the blockchain. While Bitcoin uses something called “proof of work”, Ethereum relies on “proof of stake”.
Although both Bitcoin and Ethereum are digital currencies, they were designed to perform different functions. Bitcoin is a digital currency, meant for transactions and a store of value. Ethereum, on the other hand, is intended to facilitate smart contracts, decentralized apps, and different blockchain solutions.
In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin leads the pack at $569 billion, which is more than double that of Ethereum at $248 billion.
Ethereum has a wide variety of growing use cases that are bringing with it an accelerated rate of adoption. Ethereum blockchain usage can be found in decentralized finance, arts, music, NFTs and even gaming. It is about more than just buying and selling. In addition, more changes are coming that will upgrade Ethereum, such as sharding, that will likely further bolster this momentum towards adoption and increase its scalability.
It is worth noting that Bitcoin has also not been standing still. In recent years the Taproot upgrade, for instance. This upgrade enabled and facilitated the use of Bitcoin for smart contracts.

What is a Whale?

You will often hear people in the crypto community use the term “whales”. A whale is a person or an entity that has large crypto holdings, enough to have an impact on cryptocurrency markets.
It is a metaphor that makes sense when you consider how a massive whale can displace large volumes of water. A crypto whale is also able to displace large amounts of value, causing shifts in prices and volumes.
This isn’t confined to the world of crypto and can often be seen in more traditional finance. Someone like Warren Buffet, for instance, can impact prices by taking positions. In crypto, when whales buy up certain assets, they can cause prices to rise and when they unload assets through large sales, the market is also affected.
Keeping an eye on whale activities can be a useful source of insights into market movements. They can indicate emerging trends in the market as well because well-placed whales can have knowledge of events about to occur that you might not have access to. That makes keeping an eye on them a valuable activity for traders, so that they can anticipate upcoming fluctuations.
Again, both in crypto and in the broader financial market, following the intentions and actions of whales can provide an informational edge to traders.
Brian Armstrong is an example of a crypto whale. He owns enormous assets – billions. However, because of the amount of crypto assets that they control and mobilize, they typically don’t use crypto exchanges. Instead, they trade directly with each other, known as OTC (over the counter) trading.
02. SWAY
The sheer amount of assets that whales like Armstrong mobilize inevitably gives them significant influence over markets. Alone or in a group, their trading activity can have a significant impact on the price of a cryptocurrency. That obviously makes “whale watching” a worthy activity for a trader. You can find many online cryptocurrency market magazines that will give you insight into whale activities. It’s worth finding out which of these has the best access and deepest knowledge base.

Our Advantages as a Trading and Analysis Platform

We employ encryption and other security protocols to safeguard your information. Two-factor authentication ensures only authorized access. Security is absolutely our number one priority.
Diverse Assets
On Immediate Bitwave, you can access a vast range of cryptocurrencies. These include, but are not limited to, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, stablecoins, and more. We are constantly adding new digital assets, so keep an eye out for new ones.
Unified Experience
Immediate Bitwave has an intuitive interface that unifies crypto trading and analysis. You can view compiled data from various feeds in one scalable platform that allows for a seamless experience.
Risk-Free Simulation
Our real time simulator allows you to test out trading strategies without putting any cash at risk. You have access to accurate market data and insights while you get accustomed to our interface or even to crypto trading in general. This can be an incredible asset for newer users to test their understanding of market movements and technical analyses.

Immediate Bitwave FAQs

We understand that you may have some queries before making a decision, and we are here to provide you with all the answers you need.

How can I get the most out of Immediate Bitwave’s dashboard?
Our trading platform is intuitive, inclusive, and convenient. Here, you can analyze markets multi-dimensionally, as well as keep track of all available crypto assets and coins. You can also see up to the second trading results. The dashboard is designed to serve both the new and the seasoned trader, so you can grow into it as your confidence and experience grows.
Is crypto trading hard?
The basics of cryptocurrency are intuitive to anyone who has ever bought and sold goods before. And crypto trading mirrors stock trading. Basically, traders buy and sell crypto currencies like Ether, Bitcoin and Ripple seeking to make profits. The old motto “buy low and sell high” applies here at its most basic. But as you grow more knowledgeable and confident you can implement more sophisticated trading strategies such as shorting.
As in all marketplaces, the price of cryptocurrencies follows basic supply and demand dynamics. These buy-sell processes are typically recorded in a ledger to verify that transactions have taken place.
But the process is decentralized and completely anonymous.
Of course, besides supply and demand, other factors can affect prices and you need to be aware of these as well. For instance, rises in interest rates, events in the news, new regulations in the market, growth in the adoption of a cryptocurrency. All these things can push prices up or down. It pays dividends to read the news and to understand how it affects the markets.
At a day-to-day level, technical analyses of price trends combine with this macro analysis to help you make informed trading decisions.
What are flash loans?
Flash loans are an innovation that has arisen directly from Ethereum and are one of the emerging products in DeFi (decentralized finance).
The basic idea behind a flash loan is that it is a way to borrow large amounts of crypto or other assets without any collateral. Repayment must occur within one blockchain transaction.
These loans are available to traders on some Ethereum-based protocols. If the borrower is unable to repay the amount borrowed by the completion of one blockchain transaction, the smart contract is cancelled, and funds are returned.

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