About Us:

Our Story

We envision crypto trading in a way differently from many platforms that pride themselves on complexity and exclusivity. We have always believed that crypto trading was something that should be open to everyone. The Immediate Bitwave team understands that today’s complex and exclusive financial landscape makes it tricky for average people to trade Bitcoin and other crypto.
We believing in the available of crypto to everyone, as its original inventors intended. We want to lower the bar to entry.
With that in mind, we set out to build an inclusive platform that wouldn’t sacrifice advanced features. We wanted average people to be able to enter our world and to grow into it as they became more sophisticated traders.
We are crypto enthusiasts who believe that the future of crypto trading lies here, online with average people as well as with experienced traders. We are working constantly to make this a reality.

Our Mission

Knowing that traders need tools to make informed decisions to optimize their portfolios, the Immediate Bitwave team has developed a platform to make that a reality.
We have done our research within the community and based on our own extensive trading experience.
Using that research, we have aimed to build tools and features to make a reliable, secure, scalable and user-friendly platform. We hope that it is one that meets the needs of traders at all experience levels.

Our Goals

Our goal is to create a platform and community that welcomes and provides tools and services to all traders.
We want Immediate Bitwave to provide easy-to-use, secure trading, reporting, and portfolio management tools for all skill levels.